Draw Date: April 1st, 2011

1985 Yamaha Maxim X 700

Raffle Benefits

Afghanistan and Iraq Freedom Reigns Memorial benefits from this Yamaha Motorcycle Raffle.

“This will be a ‘living memorial’. Each year, after the initial dedication, fallen heroes and wounded will be added until the theaters of war in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared over. We don’t feel it’s necessary to wait until these wars are over before we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. In many cases memorials to our military and public safety personnel have taken decades to put in place, ie. the World War II Memorial. Why wait twenty five years to honor these heroes? They’re making sacrifices today!

In Parade Magazine on March 25, 2007 Jan Scruggs, who conceived the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and raised the funds said, “Soldiers need supplies, medical care and compensation, but they also need to know we appreciate their sacrifice. The memorial remembers those who put everything on the line for the nation.” We believe the men and women who made the same sacrifice today deserve the same appreciation.”

“This cold start video was produced on June 22, 2010. Let me give you a little more background. I bought the bike in 2002. After I brought it home I totally dismantled it, cleaned every part, touched up the frame paint and replaced a few parts I thought needed replacing to put the bike in top shape. Unfortunately, after doing all that work, I rarely rode it. It has always been garaged. I haven’t ridden the bike in three years. That’s why I removed and thoroughly cleaned the carburetors. Naturally, I had to replace the battery (June 1, 2010). Then I washed and waxed the bike. It runs great, and it’s ready to go.

Raffle Prize - 1985 Classic Yamaha Maxim X 700

This classic bike is in excellent condition with only 12,670 miles on the odometer.  The local Yamaha dealer said it was one of the cleanest Maxims they have ever seen.  The bike has been in the garage for the past eight years and virtually never ridden.  To get this bike ready for this raffle, the carburetors were removed, thoroughly cleaned and a new battery installed.  The bike was then washed, waxed and road tested. There are more prizes too, so check out their website!

Raffle Tickets and Contact Information

Tickets for the 1985 Classic Yamaha Maxim X 700 are just $5 each, no more than 8500 tickets are for sale and this raffle drawing is April 1st, 2011. For more information on Freedom Reigns Memorial, to get contact information and to buy tickets please visit the...

Freedom Reigns Memorial Website

For all questions concerning this event contact the organization at the link above.

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