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2008 Harley CVO Springer

Benefits Peaceful Solution
Draws 10/12/2010

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The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program of Abilene, Texas.

Positive Character is not something that a child is born with, it has to be taught. Children are constantly learning. They learn when we sit down and teach them, and they learn by watching others. Every influence they are exposed to has an impact, whether they observe their parents calmly discussing issues in the household, or they sit in front of the television watching violence. These influences shape their character.

It is never too late to start teaching peace. No matter what the circumstances, or who is involved, everyone can benefit from The Peaceful Solution. Children and adults alike will see positive changes in their lives when the principles within The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program are applied.

As adults, we must apply these principles in our own lives now to begin to change the violence around us to peace, and begin teaching the children around us these same principles. Our children are our future. What we teach them now is what they will build on.

It is so important to establish a foundation of moral excellence by teaching right from wrong and positive ways to deal with conflict in our lives. It is a given that every child born will face conflicts and have to make choices on a daily basis. If we can give them the tools they will need to be able to weigh their choices and choose to act in a positive manner, then they will have that foundation to be upright, moral citizens in the societies of tomorrow.

Raffle Bike

2008 Harley CVO Screamin’ Eagle Softail Springer!

Features: #746 out of 1050, Only 2900 miles, Custom “Vanes & Hines” pipes, Passenger back rest, Fully chromed out, Original gold key & two other sets, Keyless alarm, Original pipes, One owner!

Raffle Tickets and Contact Information

Only 1500 tickets are for sale at just $50 each! For more information on this organization, to get contact numbers and purchase tickets please visit their website at PeacefulSolution.org. Thanks!

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