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2008 Harley Rocker AND Trailer Raffle

Benefits ThyKidz Inc.

Draws 01/31/09

Raffle Benefits
Thykidz, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in honor of three Trenton, OH children, who were all diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma within months of each other. It is our mission to raise awareness about Thyroid Cancer and to raise funds that will be used in the fight against cancer.

A bit about: Cancer of the thyroid, which is highly curable if detected early, is believed to be caused from exposure to radiation, particularly during childhood. It is a common cancer among people who experienced radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear power plant disaster in the mid-1980s.

There are about 20,000 new cases of thyroid cancer each year in the United States. Females are more likely to have thyroid cancer at a ratio of three to one. Thyroid cancer can occur in any age group, although it is most common after age 30 and its aggressiveness increases significantly in older patients. The majority of patients present with a nodule on their thyroid which typically does not cause symptoms. Remember, over 99% of thyroid nodules are not cancer! But, when a thyroid cancer does begin to grow within a thyroid gland, it almost always does so within a discrete nodule within the thyroid.

Raffle Prize Information

The chromed-out cousin to the Rocker, the Rocker C features an industry first with the Trick seat design, which conceals a passenger pillion and struts under the solo seat cushion. To accommodate a riding partner, simply lift off the seat and the pillion folds out to deploy over the Rockertail rear section. Brilliant chrome plating replaces most components finished with Satin Stainless Metallic powdercoat on the Rocker, including the headlamp and triple clamps, the handlebar riser, the fork lowers, and the tank console and speedometer. The finned aluminum oil tank, frame and swingarm are color-matched to the sheetmetal, which features a swirling pinstripe flame from fender to fender. Keep in mind that a Dual Trailer is included in the grand prize!

Raffle Tickets and Contact Information

Tickets are $50 each and only 700 are to be sold. ThyKidz is running a November Ticket Special were you buy two tickets and get a third for free! To learn more about the Rocker C and Dual Trailer, see the raffle rules or to purchase tickets online or by mail visit their website at ThyKidz.com. Be sure to read up on what this organization does and the dangers of Thyroid Cancer as well.

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