Draw Date:

2009 Harley Davidson Street Glide Raffle

Benefits Waymart Lodge 542 Charitable Fund

Draws on 02/08/09

Raffle Benefits

The Charitable Funds and Hall Association for Lodge #542 of Waymart, PA. and the Masonic Motorcycle Club.

Raffle Tickets and Contact Info

Tickets are $20 each and only 2500 are to be sold. Beyond the grand prize of a brand new 2009 Harley Davidson Street glide there are also 2nd, 3rd and 4th place cash prizes of $2000, $1000 and $500. The contact for tickets is Brother Chuck Grimm who can be called at 570-352-7646 or emailed right at Chuck_Grimm@hotmail.com. You can also take a look at their websites: The clubs individual site is right HERE and the offical club site is www.MasonicMotorcycleClub.org/chapter35.

Silver Lotto System
  1. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    This is a great site and a terrific service you are providing
    to charitable organizations. The response has been very good
    so far. Keep up the good work and we will keep spreading the
    word about harleydavidsonraffles.com. Thanks for all you have
    done and continue to do for all these worthy groups.
    Chuck Grimm PM
    Raffle co-ordinator
    Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM

  2. Chuck,
    Glad to hear it! Best of luck and let us know how it turns out for you guys!.

  3. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    Our raffle is winding down. There are less than seven
    weeks to go, but we still have some tickets left. The
    response from your site has been very good. If anyone
    out there wants to win a 2009 FLHX Street Glide, please
    let me know soon. February 8th will be here before we
    know it and some lucky person is going to win a new Harley.

  4. Chuck,
    Glad to hear you’re getting some exposure. Hopefully your sales should pick up after the holiday. Also, we’ve got a newsletter going out this week as another reminder. Keep us up to date as to how you guys are doing and thanks.

  5. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    We are down to less than 4 weeks to go
    until the drawing for the 2009 Harley-
    FLHX Street Glide. Thare are still some
    tickets available if anyone out there
    wants to get in the game. I will get them
    turned around as quickly as possible as
    we have done since the start. Thanks for
    all of your support. This is going to be
    another successful raffle. BUYERS, please
    e-mail me so I can be sure to have a ticket
    for you.

  6. Chuck,

    Great to hear you’re doing well on the ticket sales! We’ll got the January newsletter going out this upcoming weekend and I’ll be sure to mention you raffle’s coming to and end. Let us know how you make out overall!!

  7. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    Hi Bill,
    20 days and counting down until we draw the winning
    ticket for that 2009 Harley Street Glide. We still
    have a few tickets available. Contact me as soon as
    possible so I can get your tickets in the drawing.
    It’s a beautiful bike for $20 and don’t forget, we
    also have 3 cash prizes. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Any questions please call:
    (570)488-6123 work
    (570)352-7646 cell

  8. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    Thanks to you and all the people who
    go to harleydavidsonraffles.com we are
    SOLD OUT. I will get a list of winners
    to post next week and hopefully we will
    be back in June or July with the 3rd annual.

  9. Chuck,
    Thats what I like to hear…congrats on a great fund raiser and be sure to send on those winners for everyone else to drool over. I look forward to hearing from you on your next one!

  10. Bill, Thanks for all your help with our raffel. Chuck has worked very hard as have others. Our job of getting the tickets out was made much easier, thanks to your website. We have a great time with a chicken dinner and fun when the winner is selected. We will be talking about your website many times and once again, THANK YOU!

  11. Ron,
    My pleasure…glad the site was helpful. Thanks for helping to spread the word as well…that’s what makes this whole thing work. Best of luck and keep in touch!

  12. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    February 8th has arrived and we have a list of winners. Before
    I list them, I want to thank you and your faithful readers for
    their support. Now we will announce what everyone has been waiting
    GRAND PRIZE: 2009 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide
    #1642 Ralph Hoffman
    2nd PRIZE: $2,000.00 Cash
    #1369 Rich Kresock
    3rd PRIZE: $1,000.00 Cash
    #0701 David Werner
    4th PRIZE: $500.00 Cash
    #1114 Russell Nosella
    Thanks again for all of your help and support. Look for us to be
    back in the spring with the 3rd Annual Raffle and we will continue
    to spread the word about harleydavidsonraffles.com.

  13. Chuck,
    Thanks for the winner’s list and thanks very much for spreading the word on the site! I’ve actually just heard from your buddy at the local HOG chapter and I’ll have his Softail raffle posted here this afternoon so thanks for the mention! By all means let me know when your next raffle is ready to go! Thanks Chuck and keep in touch. Bill

  14. Waymart Lodge #542 F & AM says:

    Waymart Lodge #542 F&AM is ready to go with our 3rd Annual Harley Raffle. Everything is pretty much the same, a 2010 FLHX Street Glide, $2,000 $1,000, and $500. Drawing date is Sunday February 7, 2010 at 1:00PM, yes that is Super Bowl Sunday. We have enjoyed success in our previous endeavors and are looking forward to working with you and all of the great people that view this post. I’ll get pictures as soon as they become available.

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