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2010 Harley Davidson Fat Bob or $15k

Benefits XP Family Support Group
Draws 07/10/2010

Raffle Benefits

The good folks of XP Family Support are back again this year with another great Harley raffle…

Xeroderma Pigmentosum (or XP) is a rare inherited disease affecting both males and females. It causes a person to be extremely sensitive to the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Undiagnosed and untreated, XP can lead to the early onset of skin cancer and blindness. In addition, approximately 20% of the people with XP develop progressive neurological disease.XP is an autosomal recessive disease caused by mutations in genes that are critical for DNA repair. The body must repair DNA when it is damaged by harmful external agents such as ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and chemicals. There are at least eight genes that are critical for this DNA repair process. If a person is born with any of the eight genes not functioning correctly, he or she will develop the symptoms of XP. The genes for XP are: XP-A, XP-B, XP-C, XP-D, XP-E, XP-F, XP-G, and variant XP. Prior to the discovery of the XP genes themselves, the term “complementation groups” was used to describe the laboratory variations seen in the cells of XP patients. The cells were categorized according to the capacity of the cells to repair DNA after they had been damaged by ultraviolet radiation in the laboratory. Mutations in the A, C, D, and Variant genes make up over 90% of XP cases.

Raffle Bike

A beautiful 2010 Harley Davidson FXDF Fat Bob or $15,000 in cash! They also have other prizes as well so be sure to visit the website to find out more.

Raffle Tickets and Contact Information

Tickets for the Fat Bob raffle are just $20 a chance with one free chance for every 5 you purchase! The drawing for the raffle is 07/10/2010. To learn more about XP, this organization, to buy tickets, get contact information and more please visit the website over at XPFamilySupport.org. Thanks!

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