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2010 Harley Super Glide

Benefits South Mountain Family Services

Draws 06/26/10

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South Mountain Child and Family Services

Over the last decade, Southmountain Children and Family Services has become known as an innovator of quality programs and has led the way for new designs in residential settings, collaborative efforts, and changes in service provision. So it is only natural that toward the end of 2004, Executive Director Chris Jernigan sought permission from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to change the agency’s license from group homes to therapeutic foster homes, thus becoming the very first “foster community” in North Carolina. The greatest benefit of providing foster care in a community setting is the availability of support for the foster families. Many of the children placed into foster care have a myriad of problems brought about by physical and sexual abuse and neglect. Often these children present extreme behavior problems that take foster parents to the limit of their training and tolerance very quickly. It is at these times that foster parents need the support of neighbors, supervisors, and friends who understand their situation and are trained and willing to help.  Additionally, these behaviors are often played out in the community in which the foster family lives causing neighbors to demand that the children be moved. Research shows that the number one reason foster parents have a child removed from their care and/or quit fostering altogether is this lack of support from their community.

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Grand prize is a 2010 Harley Davidson Super Glide! Other great prizes a well!

Raffle Tickets and Contact Information

Raffle tickets for the Super Glide raffle are just $20 each and the drawing takes place on June 26th, 2010. For more information on this raffle, on the organization or to buy tickets please visit their website at SouthMountain.org. Thanks!

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