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Custom Harley Cross Bones

Benefits Hog for Hope

Draws 06/05/09

Raffle Benefits

This is the 8th Annual Raffle held by these folks! The Hog for Hope Raffle is an event run by the Heart of Florida Hope Foundation to benefit ARC Marion. Through capital campaigns and exciting fund raisers like Hog for Hope, in the past eight years we have helped ARC Marionbuild three new buildings and make various other improvements to the campus as a whole. In 1959, a group of Ocala parents of children with developmental disabilities embarked on a journey that we proudly carry forward today by forming the New Hope School for Children. In the early 60s these groups formed all over the U.S. and soon formed into the Association of Retarded Children (ARC). In the early 1970’s they changed the name to Association of Retarded Citizens to encompass all ages. In the 80s we dropped the acronym, and we just became known as Arc. However, in February 2007, the ARC Marion Board of directors decided to change the name once again, since we are not affiliated with either the state or national Arc. Our name is Advocacy Resource Center (ARC), because that’s what we do; advocate for our clients! As we enter the next phase of our strategic plan, be looking for the Heart of Florida Hope Foundation and ARC Marion to do many more exciting things for those with developmental disabilities.

Raffle Bike

Currently the bike is in the build process so I don’t have fully assembled pictures for you yet, however you can see from the photos on this page it’s going to be a beauty! In addition to the bike there is a second place cash prize of $1000 and a third place cash prize of $500! You can see more pictures of the bike than I’ve got room for here by clicking on this link right here – Custom Harley Cross Bones Pics.

Raffle Tickets and Contact Information

There are only 600 tickets for sale at $100 each! Drawing day on this one is June 5th, 2009. The main raffle website is at HogforHope.com where you can see rules, more pictures, buy tickets and more. Be sure to also take a look at the main website for the Heart of Florida Hope Foundation and for ARC Marion too. The guys at Viking Cycle Art and New York City Choppers are heavily involved in donating parts and the build so make sure to check out their websites as well! Thanks!

Silver Lotto System
  1. Joe Ocala says:

    I was at Viking Cycle Art looking at some of their and saw the X-Bones bike and all I can saw is that it is one of the best custom paint jobs I have seen on a X-Bones, real nice gold leaf work.


  2. Joe,
    Thanks for the comment and that’s awesome to hear. I’m looking forward to getting more pic’s on this bike as they come along. It’s always good to have a spy out there. Stay tuned and thanks for checking out the site!

  3. Well…I am attempting to purchase a raffle ticket, but I am unable to complete access to the “hogforhope” website on Sat, 05/23/2009 morning at 7:53 CST. All other website accesses are working correctly. Any ideas?

  4. Update – I was able to purchase from the “Heart of hope Florida foundation” link. Thank you.

    The bike looks beautiful!

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